The Truth Behind Your Email Providers

What is communication? In our ever changing and fast-paced society, communication is the key that links our networks together both personally and professionally. The evolution of communication through technology has significantly changed the world around us, creating an environment of which the need for stability and reliability is paramount. The days of face-to-face meetings and long phone conversations are now coupled with email and social media. Accessibility to obtaining up-to-date information and communicating from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or phone is more important than ever.

Maintain Control

A quick search of “email solutions” provides over 930 million hits. The sheer magnitude of options available to the marketplace is overwhelming. How do you choose a provider that’s right for your ISP operation? The answer is simple. Create a solution that meets the standard of service that you would offer if doing it in-house. In other words, maintain control of your operation. The majority of industry professionals boast phrases such as “using the best technology available” or “anywhere, anytime access” when discussing their hosted solutions. It is imperative to read between the lines. These same partners are simply using wholesale providers and reselling the ISP solutions to you. They are the middleman, providing you with promises on which they can’t deliver because the relationship is masked, and ultimately you and your provider have no control. Your customers are in the hands of a wholesale provider with an off the shelf model that offers no guarantees for stability.

Choosing the Best Fit

Picking a provider that will not only offer reliability, but also create a customized email platform for your operation is a necessity. ISPN can help. Maintain control and work side by side with ISPN engineers to design a platform fit for your unique ISP needs. Our NetEngine and eScout products will provide email solutions scaled specifically to your needs, while stripping away the “smoke and mirrors” other providers may promise. Nothing is worse than getting to work Monday morning only to realize your email is down… again. Regain confidence in your ability to communicate all the time. Every time.